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Rethink food waste

Food waste costs, entails extra work, prolonged processes, and a negative climate impact.

We enable the cold chain to prevent food waste, save money, and avoid all the unpleasant consequences with our powerful, easy-to-use intelligence platform. 

Tonnes of saved food
Average ROI per customer
Recovered by customers
Customer retention rate
    • Frigoscandia
    • Tempcon
    • LBC
    • ICA Kvantum Helsingborg
    • Polar
    • Stay Fresh

One unified platform

Everything you need to prevent food waste

Green decision-making made easy. All your tools in one place. As safe and simple as it gets.

Predict shelf life, assess the impact and prevent food waste in real-time by providing transparency and actional insights for producers, distributors and retailers!

Unlock revenue and reduce food waste by listing usable food items on our order platform. We connect merchants with recipients and facilitate information and distribution.

Food items that are unusable within the standard supply chain can be donated to charitable organizations, ensuring they reach those in need rather than becoming food waste.

Sustainability reporting requires solid, science-backed, traceable data for confident metrics, with new standards emerging weekly. Make it a breeze with unshakable data.

Waste less, earn more

Benefits for every business, efficiency for all

Foodtel offers everything needed to instantly prevent food waste, purpose-built to unlock value on food that would have been thrown away, with minimal effort.

Full visibility across your entire funnel

The damage assessment hasn't changed. Inefficient processes and food waste is normal. Not anymore. Minimize the damaging effects with regard to food waste and overall costs, by salvaging any remaining value without compromising food safety.

40% reduction

In payouts and costs related to claims

15% increase

In revenue from salvaging remaining value


Track record

Good for business, even better for the planet

We know. Food waste, it’s not that fun. We make it simple to prevent with advanced technology doing the heavy lifting.

€2 million

Salvaged residual value

It should be far too expensive to waste food. Both economically and ethically.

200 tons

Saved food

We’re proud that our customers have saved over 200 tons of food.

2670 tons

Reduced CO2e

Food production is 25% of the total global emissions. We`re lowering that.


Great companies use our platform

Our software is so simple and effective that people can’t help to use it.

    • A sustainable food logistics is developed with new smart business models and technology where we see Foodtel as a great solution to be able to save and redistribute food based on best practice and what we wish was an industry standard!

      Anders Orwinger
      Head of Sustainability at Frigoscandia
    • Foodtel creates a simplicity that previously did not exist in the processes of residual value and damage controll. Now we have more time, more efficient processes and better environmental and financial results. Thank you Foodtel!

      Nicolau Kjeldsen
      Regional Manager at GDL
    • Together with Foodtel, we at the City Mission can quickly help food companies to save products that cannot be handled in the regular supply chain. Instead of the goods becoming food waste, we ensure that they reach vulnerable people. We have saved over 50 tons with Foodtel’s donationportal in a very short time! We really recommend this platform to companies that want to donate food us!

      Anne Lunde Dinesen
      Coordinator at the City Mission’s
    • At KLT, sustainability is high on the agenda, which is why we have chosen to work with Foodtel. We have been involved early in their journey and have had the opportunity to contribute to the platform's development, especially through donations to the City Mission. Foodtel has an exciting journey ahead!

      Daniel Kjellsson
      CEO at Kjellssons Logistik & Transport
    • In the past, it was often difficult to save food in the event of a temperature deviation. Now we experience a much smoother process where we have so far always managed to save both food and residual value using the Foodtel Platform. Without endangering food safety!

      Pernilla Bjurenståhl Berg
      Head of Claims at Stay Fresh Sweden
    • With Foodtel we saved food and created joy for customers who could buy food at reduced prices. We are very satisfied and look forward to a long-term collaboration for a more sustainable future. A platform I recommend to everyone working in the food industry.

      Michael Månsson
      CEO at ICA Kvantum Helsingborg

What to know

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email.

How does this benefit my business?
Foodtel lets you prevent your food waste and earn back money on stock that would have been thrown away - a win-win. 
How much extra work does this generate?
Almost no more than it takes to throw food away! Book a demo and our customer support will show you how simple it is.
How does the Foodtel platform work?
All information needed for you to use the platform is readily available in real-time within your supply chain.
How big is the cold chain food waste?
Temperature deviations causes 526 million tons of food waste annually and an estimated 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions.
How does the shelf life predictions work?
Foodtel consits of vast amounts of data and uses microbiological algorithms to analyze and determine what the remaining shelf life is.
Is the underlying data validated?
Our algorithms have been ensured and validated by independent scientific institutions to remain objective and secure.

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Take control of your food waste and release Foodtel in your business.