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Inefficient refrigeration in the cold chain results in 526 million tons of food waste.

We're in the business of lowering that.

Building infrastructure for food waste prevention

“We were all shocked to find that inefficient refrigeration in the cold chain results in 526 million tons of food waste, costing the global economy $112 billion per year and 1 gigaton CO2e in emissions.

As former employees in the cold chain, both on the distribution and receiving ends, we had experienced this issue and its complex processes. It has since been our mission to fix this.

We were formed in 2022 in a digital tech hub in the heart of Helsingborg. In the last two years, we have raised $2M+ in funding to develop technology and algorithms ideal for preventing food waste caused by temperature deviations in the food supply chain.”

Nazih Hazime & Jacob Petersson, Founders of Foodtel

Founders: Nazih and Jacob

Making shelf life impact visible

At Foodtel, we develop software that helps you to prevent food waste in your supply chain together with your customers - from farm to shelf.


We're challenging a traditional, deep, and complex industry, one that is undergoing a green transition. Together with our customers, we're developing an efficient solution to prevent food waste and costs.


All data we use is verified by an independent third party, including RISE and DMRI, to ensure the highest level of security and accuracy in everything we do. This allows you, as a customer, to feel completely secure.

Customer obsession

We aim to create an exceptional customer experience for all clients. We achieve this by listening, understanding our customers' goals, and identifying ways to enhance their everyday lives.

Our team is growing. Join us on the journey!

Do you want to be part of a leading Swedish foodtech sustainability SaaS scaleup whilst working on the biggest problem of our generation and contributing to the global corporate sustainability transition?

Working on something you're passionate about, alongside people you enjoy being with, gives you an energy boost. That's the feeling we experience here at Foodtel.

Want to join us? Email us at jobs@foodtel.com

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